Sell DJ Mixer Pro! Become an Affiliate

Are you an avid DJ Mixer Pro user who is always getting their friends, co-workers, or customers to purchase their own licenses? Do you run a website or blog that caters to the DJ community? If so, wouldn't it be great to be able to sell licenses of DJ Mixer Pro yourself and make money off of it? Now you can by becoming a DJMixerSoft Affiliate!

By joining the affiliate program you are able to sell DJ Mixer Pro licenses at the suggested retail price and get a 50% commission on those sales. That amounts to nearly $50 US per sale for you! The affiliate program is managed by RegNow (a Digital River company). They are also the company that handles our own online, FAX and phone orders.

When you sign up as an affiliate (It is free), you will be provided a special download link for the latest trial version of DJ Mixer Pro as well as a special order and link URL to use. Simply use these on your website/Blog or provide them to others via email, and if those users make a purchase, you will be credited your 50% commission for the sale! RegNow also has hundreds of other software packages that you can resell if you want to run an online store selling a variety of packages.

Click Here if you are ready to sign up as a DJ Mixer Pro affiliate and start earning some extra cash!

PAD Files:

Product Mycommerce ID PAD URL
DJ Mixer 3 Professional for Mac 16535-15
DJ Mixer 3 Professional for Windows 16535-14
DJ Mixer 2 Professional for Mac 16535-7
DJ Mixer 2 Professional for Windows 16535-8
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