"Really great DJ software for a music fan like myself even though I'm not into DJ this software made it easy to navigate around and get a feel for mixing professionally. Really solid piece of software thats packed with tons of features in a slick interface."

-- Kathy Schiavo

"Love the audio quality of this program! It works well with my Ms. Pinky control disks, so that's a plus too, and the feature I am most happy with is video playback. After using it for a while as the demo, I have developed quite a wish list. I am seriously considering purchasing this software, and making it part of my band's live performances".

-- Ryan

"I have tried many dj mixing software from freeware to shareware to professional dj mixing software but none have compared to the ease of use of dj mixer pro. Most software only allows you to fade tracks but not to mix it as well ...this product was a real life saver!"

- Rick Poole

"Thank you for making a great piece of software that works well, and is easy to use! If anyone wants to create their own DJ music, this is perfect!"

-- Ian Gilbey

"As your software is indeed professional and thanks to your excellent personal advice, I bought it! The beat-matching works really extremely well, better than with my Pioneer decks! Being mainly a "bedroom-dj" I mix loungy cd's for boutiques, soundtracks for fashion shows and dance/house mixes for fullmoon-partys thrown by a friend of mine in Thailand. Probably your software works best for the latter?!? Up to now I burned 3 dance mixes in no time! If it is of any pleasure and/or useful information for you I will gladly send them to you!? Big up & maximum respect!"

-- Carroll Cornelius

"I just wanted say that I'm so very happy with your product for our video system. I threw DJ Power in the trash!"

-- Gene Savage

"I have been looking for a better DJ software product with auto beat matching - and have been greatly impressed by your software. I therefore have bought it from your site, and am extremely pleased with such a purchase. I really would go ahead and advertise this product well on the web, as it really is easy to use and extremely rewarding. thank you very much for such a great product!!"

-- Mark Wallen

"I purchased one of your earlier versions of dj mixer professional and instantly I fell in love with it. From my personal experience, I have found it to be a great program for both recording/home use as well as live use too. Thank you for such a wonderful product."

-- Kevin Beaton

"As if i am a real DJ. very easy to choose what song we want to hear. exciting". -- Neville Hawkins

"Excellent product, all the inexpirienced DJ would ever need." -- Christoph Guentner

"The demo is absolutely fantastic! I'm so very much impressed - at last, a program that does exactly what I want smoothly! I can play 2 files side by side and they don't skip unlike other DJ programs."

-- Alan Johnson

"Easy to use. Nice mixing features and great video performance". -- Ryan Parisi

"Great software! Highly recommended". -- John Bush

"I'm really enjoying your program! As someone who has been a professional radio announcer and DJ for 15 years its nice to see someone finally get it right at a price the rest of us can afford! Thanks!"

-- Jon White

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