DJ Mixer Pro Distinguished with Two Major CompareCamp Review Directory Awards

Our feature-complete DJ mixing software, DJ Mixer Pro, was recently lauded by a major business software directory for our app’s ability to “elevate your DJ performances to amazing levels.” CompareCamp assessed our software’s key aspects such as ease of use, help & support, security, and customization and found DJ Mixer Pro excelling in them. For this we were awarded the Rising Star and Great User Experience awards.

While DJ Mixer Pro provides sophisticated tools to help you jazz up the dance floor and entertain the crowd with a multimedia experience, both beginner and professional DJs can easily let their creative sparks fly, thanks to our intuitive, user-friendly tools. Best of all, you can use your existing kit alongside your Mac or Windows device.

“It offers all the tools and features you need to create astounding DJ sets,” wrote the CompareCamp reviews experts. “Simply add tracks from your hard drive or iTunes to get started. The platform offers excellent support for DJ hardware controllers.”

This is why CompareCamp granted us with its Great User Experience award. This recognition is given to software solutions that offer robust functionalities while maintaining ease of use. Similarly, their experts also bestowed to us its Rising Star award, a distinction given to software solutions that have thrilled countless users, thus becoming increasingly popular on the market.

Specific functionalities of DJ Mixer Pro that impressed CompareCamp’s experts include our Smart-Sync feature that automatically detects a track’s BPM for track syncing, instantaneous beat looping, and “robust” DJ interface. DJ Mixer Pro also comes equipped with audio analysis tools to ensure silky smooth transitions.

DJ Mixer Pro can be used for any event, whether it’s for mixing songs for weddings or even hotels. Both videos and music can be mixed using largely used formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, WAV, OGG, CDA, AIFF, FLAC, Karaoke CDG, and much more.

These recognitions prove that DJ Mixer Pro provides an unmatched multimedia mixing software to create electrifying tunes alongside a stunning visual experience. “Since you can mix both audio and video, it is an attractive tool for disc jockeys and video DJs alike,” wrote CompareCamp.

DJMixerSoft is one of the top brands trusted by DJs. Try out our free 20 minute demo to get a taste of DJMixerSoft or you can take the plunge and use all our advanced features whenever and wherever you want for $99.95 USD.

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